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 » Features & Interviews

Interview with ‘The Canal’ actress Kelly Byrne
11 May 2015 | With ‘The Canal’ currently in Irish cinemas after a lot of buzz in the US, IFTN talks to actress Kelly Byrne about her well-reviewed role on writer/director Ivan Kavanagh’s acclaimed Irish horror film. 
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Coming Up For Air: Interview with ‘The Canal’ Director Ivan Kavanagh
06 May 2015 | It’s a busy time for Ivan Kavanagh, with a US TV series, a horror and a western in the works. Oh, and he’s got his award-winning, critically-acclaimed hit ‘The Canal’ out this week too. Paul Byrne pulls up a pew. 
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‘An Bronntanas’ creator Tom Collins talks show-running and the future of Irish TV
24 Apr 2015 | Tom Collins has just spent ten days in sunny LA doing a course of exchange and training work-shops with some of America's leading show-runners. Amongst those participating were producers of ‘Hemlock Grove’ (Netflix), ‘Major Crimes’ (TNT), ‘Criminal Minds’ (CBS), ‘Pretty Little Liars’ (ABC Family), ‘Sleepy Hollow’ (Fox) ‘House of Cards’ and ‘Mad Dogs’ (Sony Studios for Amazon). 
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IFTN talks to Jack Reynor and Gerald Barrett
14 Apr 2015 | With the award-winning Glassland hitting cinema screens on April 17, IFTN’s Paul Byrne talks to writer/director Gerard Barrett and lead actor Jack Reynor about the universal appeal of the film, the success of the film so far and both men moving into the wider arena of Hollywood films. 
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Web Designs
13 Apr 2015 | Making his feature debut with Spiders Trap, Alan Walsh set out to make a different kind of Dublin crime story. Paul Byrne does the forensics. 
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Writer/Director Frank Berry on his new film ‘I Used To Live Here’
02 Apr 2015 | Made largely with a cast of non-actors, Frank Berry’s powerful teen suicide drama ‘I Used To Live Here’ is a true labour of love. And caring. Paul Byrne talks to the noted Irish filmmaker. 
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EGG Post Production’s Sound team talk to IFTN about acclaimed work on ‘The Canal’
27 Mar 2015 | Normally seen as an “invisible art" within the cauldron that is the filmmaking process, Irish horror film ‘The Canal’ (screening at JDIFF this weekend) offered the sound guys at EGG an opportunity to bring their skills to the fore of the film as writer/director Ivan Kavanagh’s script was resolutely in favour of having the sound play on the emotions of the audience. 
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JDIFF: Interview with Robert Sheehan
24 Mar 2015 | With his film ‘The Road Within’ screening at JDIFF, IFTN caught up with actor Robert Sheehan to talk about his role in the small independent US film, written and directed by Gren Wells. 
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Q&A with Stefan French – composer of ‘The Guarantee’
09 Mar 2015 | Dublin-based composer Stefan French is the man behind the music of one of the most talked about Irish films of 2014 – the fact-based political drama ‘The Guarantee’, directed by Ian Power and starring Peter Coonan and Gary Lydon. 
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Q&A with Steve Lynch – composer of Irish horror film ‘Let Us Prey’
05 Mar 2015 | With ‘Let Us Prey’ (starring Liam Cunningham) having its’ Irish premiere at the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival later this month, IFTN caught up with the films’ composer Steve Lynch to talk about his work on the film. 
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The Outsider's Insider
04 Mar 2015 | As a recent New York retrospective attests, Paul Duane is one of Ireland’s finest documentary filmmakers. As ‘Very Extremely Dangerous’ arrives on the home market, he talks to IFTN’s Paul Byrne about being drawn to outsiders, the changing markets, and getting friendly with Bill Drummond. 
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Sister Act
02 Mar 2015 | Moone Boy may have put both of them on the map, but Sarah White and Clare Monnelly have very different ideas about acting. 
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Blue Moon
25 Feb 2015 | Deirdre O’Kane has always had a reputation for telling it like it is, onstage or off. Here she talks frankly to IFTN’s Paul Byrne about the return of Moone Boy, Noble causes, and betting the house. 
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‘Patrick’s Day’ writer/director Terry McMahon "floored" by positive audience response after opening weekend
10 Feb 2015 | The award-winning ‘Patrick’s Day’ opened nationwide on Friday, February 6th after a very successful festival run that seen it pick up numerous awards in Ireland and the US – with the films’ writer/director Terry McMahon stating that the positive response from cinemagoers in Ireland has "floored" him. 
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Voodoo Ray
06 Feb 2015 | Happily caught between rock and a hard director, Ray Harman found there was life outside Something Happens when he turned to film composing. Paul Byrne finds out where, why, when and how he got the beat. 
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Tripping The Light Fantastic
04 Feb 2015 | With Fifty Shades Of Grey about to slink onto our screens, Paul Byrne talks to Seamus McGarvey about life, camera and the love action on his 52nd outing as an award-winning cinematographer. 
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Thank you for the Day
30 Jan 2015 | With ‘Patrick’s Day’, Irish filmmaker Terry McMahon takes a great leap forward from his no-budget debut, ‘Charlie Casanova’. And he’s got the trunk-load of festival awards to prove it. IFTN’s Paul Byrne gets him on the couch... 
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Finger on the Pulse: IFTN talks to Pulse College about upcoming Open Day on Saturday, February 7th
30 Jan 2015 | With Pulse College set to host an open day on Saturday, February 7th, IFTN took a trip to the college to see for themselves what one of Ireland’s leading Creative Media Educators had to offer. 
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IFTA/BAFTA Panel discussion held in London on January 22nd looks at maximising S481 tax incentives for UK Producers
29 Jan 2015 | IFTA and BAFTA co-hosted a panel discussion in London on Thursday, January 22nd – with over 180 producers and financial execs (including 40 Irish producers who travelled to the UK for the event) turning out to listen to an expert panel talking about maximising the tax incentives offered by Ireland’s newly enhanced and broadened Section 481 guidelines for UK producers. 
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Looking for Richard
29 Jan 2015 | An overnight sensation that took just 25 years, Richard Dormer talks to Paul Byrne about taking the long road, getting dark with Fortitude, and still feeling those good vibrations with Terri Hooley. 
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