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Christmas/New Year Edition: IFTN Interviews ‘Damo & Ivor’’s Hannah Crowley
19 Dec 2014 : Paul Byrne
In the midst of the holiday season and looking back on the year gone by, IFTN interviews Hannah Crowley, who plays the wealthy-but-witless Sarah-Jane in RTE’s ‘Damo And Ivor’…

What's the Christmas movie that gets you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside?
I would have to say ‘Love Actually’. It's one of those films that if I don't get to watch it over the Christmas period, I feel like it's not really Christmas. I know that sounds cheesy but it has become sort of a ritual in my household. The fabulous Richard Curtis is the director, and to be honest anything by him is up there in my top ten favourite films.

Besides your own incredible work, what was the highlight of 2014 for you? Firstly, your international Film Of The Year?
Haha, you're too kind! Now, I wasn't able to go to the cinema as much as I would have liked this year, but the ones I did get to see did not disappoint. I saw ‘Gone Girl’ a few months back – it is a sort of dark thriller and had a great twist at the end. I must say I do love a great twist at the end. The great cast included Rosamund Pike and the stunning Ben Affleck.

The other film I liked was the third instalment of the Hunger Games franchise: ‘Mockingjay Part 1’. I read all the Hunger Games books, which were all great reads. I am going to be very annoying and say that the books were a lot better than the films, but the films were still good. Everything Jennifer Lawrence seems to touch these days becomes a hit at the box office. Saying that, I know I will be one of the first to see the last film of the franchise, which will be out this time next year.

Secondly, do you have an Irish Film of the Year 2014?
Ok, ok, ok, I've been very bold this year as I haven't seen any of the Irish films out this year. I have however watched quite a lot of Irish Drama including ‘Love/Hate’ and ‘The Fall’, both shown on RTÉ 1. ‘Love/Hate’ just keeps getting better! The finale of the fifth series was really great; we are all in suspense wondering just whether or not King Nidge has made it through to the next series. ‘Love/Hate’ is really excellent television. I've just found out that there will be no more until 2016, what a pity! The second series of ‘The Fall’ just concluded last night and again we are left wondering and waiting until the third series - hopefully there is one.

Of course, not every single film or TV show that hits our screens can be fab and groovy - what's the 2014 work that disappointed you right down to your cotton socks?
That really is a tough one! Usually if I don't like something I don't watch it, I just turn it off. So I suppose I don't really have one. Sorry!

Besides the new all-conquering Star Wars outing next year, what are you most looking forward to in 2015?
I would have to say the premiere of the new TV3 soap ‘Red Rock’. From reading up on it a little, the show will centre around the activities of two families in a small town as seen through the eyes of the local police station. It looks like an interesting perspective as I haven't seen a TV series so far in Ireland that looks at things from the Garda point of view. I'd say it has definitely one to watch out for! Also ‘Homeland’ series five, I know the finale of series 4 isn't out until next week but, oh my God, it is a riveting watch!

Your TV highlight of 2014. Besides ‘Damo & Ivor’, of course.
I'm going to sound like a Love/Hate fanatic here, but it was the series five finale. I was jumping around and screaming like a lunatic with sheer anticipation! I think if a series finale can really do that they must be doing something right!

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