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Annie Atkins  |  Graphic Artist
Status: Freelance Graphic Artist & Photographer
Tel/Mobile: 0851030144
Email: Send Message
Web: www.annieatkins.com
Bob Pritchard  |  Prop maker
Status: Working from Ashford Studios
Tel/Mobile: 087 2344 635
Email: Send Message
Brian Beamish  |  Set Dresser, Stand by Art Director and Stand by Props
Status: Moving to Dublin on 15 January.
Email: Send Message
Christine Mc Donagh  |  Trainee Art Director
Status: Available to work in Ireland and abroad
Tel/Mobile: +353 857112046
Email: Send Message
Craig Starkie  |  Modelmaker, Propmaker, Scenic Artist, Sculptor
Tel/Mobile: 00353857452609
Email: Send Message
Web: https://www.facebook.com/arcticmodelmaking
Danielle Baneham  |  3rd Assistant Director
Status: Available for work. Currently based in Dublin, but will gladly travel internationally
Tel/Mobile: 0871816273
Email: Send Message
Elizabeth Brennan  | 
Status: Currently between Dublin and Marrakech, mostly working in Ireland and Morocco but very happy to travel.
Tel/Mobile: 353877993798
Email: elizabethbrennan@gmail.com
Emma Ryan  |  Production Designer
Status: Currently based in Meath. Available to work at any necessary location.
Tel/Mobile: 0872129459
Email: Send Message
Web: http://emmaryandesign.wix.com/productiondesign
Fiona Carey  |  Art Dept Trainee / Buyer
Status: Currently based in Dublin and available for work.
Tel/Mobile: 086 1569 505
Email: Send Message
Web: www.fionacarey.com
Fiona Machin  |  Storyboard & Concept Artist
Status: Living in Cork. Available for short and long term contracts, working and delivering assignments online and/or on location as required.
Tel/Mobile: +353 (0) 87 7844 902
Email: Send Message
Web: www.behance.net/fionacalnanmachin
Francesca O'Rafferty  |  Production Designer
Email: Send Message
Garrett Ryan  |  Modelmaker
Status: Freelance
Tel/Mobile: +353 87 2296007
Email: Send Message
Web: www.garrettryanmodelmaker.com
Gary McGinty  |  Set Designer / Art Director / Draughtsman / Graphics / Stand by Art Director
Status: Available to work
Tel/Mobile: 087 2433653
Email: Send Message
Web: www.garymcginty.com
Greg Keeley  |  Head Model Maker / Owner - APE.ie
Status: Currently running APE.ie based in Bray
Tel/Mobile: +353868823345
Email: Send Message
Web: www.ape.ie
Ian McCaffrey  |  Storyboard Artist
Status: Currently based in Dublin.
Tel/Mobile: 086 3858814
Email: Send Message
Web: www.storyboards.ie
Johnny Murphy  |  Modelmaker/Propmaker/Sculptor
Status: Currently based in Ireland. Available to work immediately
Tel/Mobile: 087 6487172
Email: Send Message
Web: Johnnymurphy1988.daportfolio.com
Louise Stanton  |  Freelance Costume Designer
Status: Available to work throughout Ireland and UK
Email: Send Message
Web: www.louisestantondesign.com/
Mark Kelly  |  Art Director
Status: Currently based in Ireland
Tel/Mobile: +353 (0)87 812 1528
Email: Send Message
Mark O'Gara  |  Carpenter / Set-production
Status: Currently based in Dublin available in summer am considering US and other locations - willing travel to various locations and work long hours
Tel/Mobile: +353 861960385
Email: Send Message
Michael Corcoran  |  Greens Landscaper
Status: Available to work in Ireland
Tel/Mobile: 0877037368
Email: Send Message
Nicola Moroney  |  Production Designer
Status: Currently based in Ireland and available to work anywhere
Tel/Mobile: 00 353 86 8090144
Email: Send Message
Orlaith Kelly  |  Standby Props
Status: Available to work in Ireland February 2013
Tel/Mobile: 085 1497735
Email: Send Message
Padraig O'Neill  |  Production Designer
Status: Based in Ireland and available for work
Tel/Mobile: 087 2473450
Email: Send Message
Paul Bolger  |  Writer / Director / Storyboard / Concept Artist
Status: Freelance - available for work
Tel/Mobile: 051 896 874 / 087 971 6689
Email: Send Message
Web: www.paulbolger.com
Peter Maguire  |  Production Designer / Art Director
Status: Available for work
Tel/Mobile: +353 87 284 3971
Email: Send Message
Web: www.petermaguiredesign.com
Roland Hunter  |  Scenic Artist
Tel/Mobile: 085 7700538
Email: Send Message
Russell Fulton  |  Construction Manager
Status: Currently based in Belfast. Available to work in Ireland.
Tel/Mobile: 07885 737095
Email: Send Message
Stephen Daly  |  Production Designer
Status: Currently based in Dublin. Available to work anywhere
Tel/Mobile: 087 831 9630
Email: Send Message
Web: www.stephendaly.net
Tamara Conboy  |  Production Designer
Status: Currently based in Dublin, Ardmore Studios. Designing 'Sensation'. Available for work in July.
Email: Send Message

Full A-Z
-  Áine Ní Chíobháin  Art Director Trainee / Videographer Send Message
-  Annie Atkins  Graphic Artist Send Message
-  Anthony Walsh  Digital Storyboard Artist Send Message
-  Aoife Noonan  Model Making / Costumes Send Message
-  Ashleigh Jeffers  Production Designer Send Message
-  Ben Maguire  Wardrobe Trainee / Prop Maker Send Message
-  Bob Pritchard  Prop maker Send Message
-  Brian Beamish  Set Dresser, Stand by Art Director and Stand by Props Send Message
-  Briana Hegarty  Art Director Send Message
-  Carmel Nugent  Art Director Send Message
-  Cathy Hegarty  Set Dec Assistant Send Message
-  Christine Mc Donagh  Trainee Art Director Send Message
-  Claire McGuinness  Art Dept; Production Designer Send Message
-  Craig Starkie  Modelmaker, Propmaker, Scenic Artist, Sculptor Send Message
-  d8b  Designer Builder Send Message
-  Dan Shiels  Freelance Storyboard Artist Send Message
-  Danielle Baneham  3rd Assistant Director Send Message
-  David Wilson  Production Designer Send Message
-  Deborah Davis  Prop Buyer / Set Dresser Send Message
-  Eleanor Wood  Production Designer Send Message
-  Elizabeth Brennan   elizabethbrennan@gmail.com
-  Emma Ryan  Production Designer Send Message
-  Eric England  Prop Moulder/Maker Send Message
-  Eugene Mulligan  Prop Maker Send Message
-  Fiona Carey  Art Dept Trainee / Buyer Send Message
-  Fiona Machin  Storyboard & Concept Artist Send Message
-  Francesca O'Rafferty  Production Designer Send Message
-  Garrett Ryan  Modelmaker Send Message
-  Gary McGinty  Set Designer / Art Director / Draughtsman / Graphics / Stand by Art Director Send Message
-  Gillian Jonker  Draughtsperson / Surveyor Send Message
-  Grant Hicks  Production Designer Send Message
-  Greg Keeley  Head Model Maker / Owner - APE.ie Send Message
-  Heather Greenlees  Assistant Art Director Send Message
-  Ian McCaffrey  Storyboard Artist Send Message
-  Jason Carlin  Production Designer Send Message
-  Jason Groarke  Storyboard Artist Send Message
-  Jenny Oman  Set Decorator Send Message
-  John McCartney  Prop Dresser Send Message
-  John McHale  Production Designer Send Message
-  John-Paul Kelly  Production Designer Send Message
-  Johnny Murphy  Modelmaker/Propmaker/Sculptor Send Message
-  Katarzyna Horzela  Art Director / Set Dresser Send Message
-  Keavy Lalor  Props Buyer Send Message
-  Lisa Hawthorne  Prop Maker/SFX Trainee Send Message
-  Lisa Zagone  Artist Send Message
-  Louise Stanton  Freelance Costume Designer Send Message
-  Mags Linnane  Production Designer Send Message
-  Mark Kelly  Art Director Send Message
-  Mark O'Gara  Carpenter / Set-production Send Message
-  Matthew Nevin  Art Director / Prop Master Send Message
-  Michael Corcoran  Greens Landscaper Send Message
-  Michael Durkan  SFX Senior Technician Send Message
-  Michael Flood  Propmaster Send Message
-  Naomi Britton  Assistant Props Buyer/ Art Department Trainee Send Message
-  Nena Zoma McNamee  Assistant Art Director / Production Designer Send Message
-  Nicola Moroney  Production Designer Send Message
-  Noah Demeuldre  Art Department Assistant Send Message
-  Norman Walshe  Concept Designer Send Message
-  Orlaith Kelly  Standby Props Send Message
-  Padraig O'Neill  Production Designer Send Message
-  Paul Bolger  Writer / Director / Storyboard / Concept Artist Send Message
-  Paul Heary  Freelance Editor Send Message
-  Peter Maguire  Production Designer / Art Director Send Message
-  Roland Hunter  Scenic Artist Send Message
-  Russell Fulton  Construction Manager Send Message
-  Sonia Butterworth  Creative Director Send Message
-  Sonia Haccius  Production Designer / Art Director Send Message
-  Stephanie Clerkin  Trainee Art Director / Production Designer Send Message
-  Stephen Daly  Production Designer Send Message
-  Tamara Conboy  Production Designer Send Message
-  Veronica Smartt Conlan  Production Designer Send Message

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