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Sínte (Lifeless) - Half Hour Short Drama
YEAR: 2013
DIRECTOR: Tom Sullivan    
WRITER: Tom Sullivan    Feidhlim Cannon   
PRODUCER: Ciarán Ó Cofaigh         
CAST: Dónall Ó Héalaí    Conall Ó Céidigh    Peadar Cox    Caitlín Breathnach    Ann Marie Horan    Lúc Ó Riada   Niamh Ní Chongahaile
LOCATION: Conamara, Co. na Gaillimhe
EDITOR: Mary Crumlish      
DOP: Kate McCullough      
COSTUME DESIGN: Geraldine Maher
HAIR/MAKEUP: Máire Ní Dhroighneáin
SOUND: Pádraig Ó Mainín     
MUSIC: Conor Byrne & Joe Csibi

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Late in the Summer of 2010, Sean Mac Donnacha and his fiancé Siobhán are involved in a tragic car accident in which she is killed and he is left badly injured. After serving a two year sentence for drink driving Sean is released. He and his brother Mairtín drive west to Connamara to the family home where the boys father Mícheal lives alone. Tension surfaces as the family struggle to cope with Sean’s arrival. The following morning, Sean attempts to leave flowers at the crash site when he incurs the rath of his dead fianceé’s brother Johnny. Sean’s state of mind becomes increasingly unstable, unable to sleep he lies near the dead girls grave. Desperate, Sean visits Siobhán his dead fianceé’s home to talk to her mother where he encounters Eimear, Siobhán’s 14 year old sister. Sean is badly beaten by Siobháin brother Johnny. Eimear comes to his aid and reveals that Siobhán had been buried without their engagement ring. The knowledge proves too much for Sean’s already fragile state of mind and he spends his nights lying by her graveside.

His brother Mairtín struggles to control the situation but when he discovers Sean has been digging up the grave to return the ring it proves too much for him. After an altercation at the home, Sean in a panic steals his brother’s car. Sean drives frantically but luckily encounters Eimear on the road near the crash site.

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