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Company History
Over the years Fujifilm has introduced key innovative camera films to the motion picture market, including a high speed reversal film for TV new in 1974 (RT-400) and the worlds first high quality low speed daylight negative film - the F-64D in 1988. However the most important of these for the cinematographer was the introduction of the original Fujicolor A250 high speed negative film in 1980. At a time when the general philosophy in the industry was that for colour, one speed of negative film was sufficient for all purposes; A250 bucked the trend and immediately offered a number of advantages to the cinematographer.

Firstly, lower-light cinematography was possible, but also lighting in a given situation could be reduced, therefore offering a significant reduction in production costs. Fujifilm did not replace the earlier stock with A250 but chose to run it alongside the existing 100 speed negative film. In this way, the cameraman had a choice of stocks for different shooting situations.

The first European production to use Fujicolor A250 was 'Das Boot' filmed by Bavaria Radiant Productions and completed in 1981. Another early user of A250 film was the French production 'Le Dernier Metro'.

The Fujifilm Co was honoured for its innovation in 1981 by being presented with the Academy Award of Merit for its 'research development and introduction of a new ultra-high speed colour negative film for motion pictures', popularly known as a 'Technical Oscar'.

Since the introduction of the original F-Series in 1988, further improvements and additions have been made, resulting in the current 3rd generation "Super F-Series", which allows the cinematographer a choice of seven colour negative stocks, four Tungsten balanced, 160 Vivid Film Stock, F-250, F-400 & F-500, and three Daylight balanced stocks, F-64D, F-250D and REALA-500D. REALA-500D is the most recent addition to range, and is the world's first motion picture 500 speed Daylight film, and the first motion picture film to incorporate Fuji's 4th colour layer technology, which ensures the film sees the colour spectrum the human eye does.

R & D continues to further improve the image quality of Fuji Motion Picture negative film, so it won't be too long before there is something new...

Film First Deal Now Available in Ireland
Film First is a 16mm and 35mm film stock and processing package from Fuji Motion picture Dublin in conjunction with Deluxe Soho, London and Dublin based courier company Aerlybird Transglobal.

The "Film First" film and processing offer includes 16mm or 35mm Fuji Film Motion Picture Stock, 16mm or 35mm film negative developing, and a Dublin to London return courier service by Air including local airport to Dublin / London transfers.

Dublin based post production houses Windmill lane and Screen Scene are supporters of the "Film First " packagedeal and are recommended suppliers for all film scanning and post production services. All post production services offered are an additional cost to the "Film First " package. We have a promotional offer at present for " Film First ". The price is 50 Cent per foot for 35mm and 40 Cent per foot for 16mm.



New Motion Picture colour negative films have enhanced ability to render shadow detail

Fujifilm, a pioneer in Motion Picture Film technology, is pleased to announce the introduction of ETERNA 400 E.I. 400 tungsten-type, ETERNA 250 E.I. 250 tungsten-type and ETERNA 250D daylight-type E.I. 250 motion picture colour negative films. ETERNA 400, 250 and 250D are the latest additions to Fujifilm's ETERNA series of motion picture colour negative films. Coupled with the already proven negative film, ETERNA 500T, and positive film, ETERNA 3513DI, the ETERNA family will continue to expand in the coming months.

The new ETERNA 400, 250 and 250D films incorporate Fujifilm's proprietary Super Nano-structured Σ Grain Technology*, producing expanded latitude and giving these films the ability to render exceptional shadow detail. A subtle palette with restrained saturation and exceptionally fine grain characterises the films.

ETERNA 400, 250 and 2500 share the same palette and gradation characteristics as high-speed (E.I. 500) ETERNA 500, for seamless intercutting of images as required for many types of motion picture productions. Gradation balance has been optimised to ensure smooth, natural reproduction of skin tones and greys even when under- or overexposed, making possible a range of atmospheric effects. Optimised orange mask density and enhanced grain also contribute to improved image quality for film scanning or telecine transfer of images from negative film to videotape.

Actively engaged in development of new additions to the ETERNA series, recognised for its world-class grain structure, and other motion picture films, Fujifilm contributes to motion picture production by providing an extensive range of high-quality imaging products.

  • Fujicolor Motion Picture Colour Negative Film - ETERNA 400 (tungsten-type)
  • Fujicolor Motion Picture Colour Negative Film - ETERNA 250 (tungsten-type)
  • Fujicolor Motion Picture Colour Negative Film - ETERNA 250 (daylight-type)

Features of ETERNA 400

  • Enhanced Shadow Detail - The incorporation of Fujifilm's proprietary Super Nano-structured Σ Grain Technology enhances the ability to render shadow detail. ETERNA 400 produces rich, deep blacks with an astonishing amount of detail.
  • High Speed, with Soft Smooth Gradation - ETERNA 400 produces smooth, low-contrast tonality, from bright, dean highlights to deep, dark shadows. Highlights do not bleach out, and the soft tone is preserved over a wide range of exposure conditions.
  • Restrained saturation for subtle, atmospheric colour -ETERNA 400 is characterised by a subtle colour palette with muted saturation. Skin tones in particular are smooth and natural.
  • Excellent Sharpness - In addition to Super Nano-structured Σ Grain Technology, ETERNA 400 also incorporates Super-Efficient DIR-Coupler Technology, boosting the intertayer effects for enhanced sharpness.
  • Enhanced Telecine Characteristics - Extended linear response and exceptional colour balance minimise the need for colour adjustment during telecine transfer. The high volume of image data in the shadows facilitates digital processing, expanding the expressive range of commercial, promotional, and other TV work, as well as the Digital Intermediate Post-Production route.

Features of ETERNA 250 & 250D

  • Enhanced Latitue - The incorporation of Fujifilm's proprietary Super Nano-structured Σ Grain Technology produces expanded latitude, giving ETERNA 250 and 250D enhanced ability to render shadow detail.
  • Enhanced Gradation Balance - Gradation balance has been adjusted in each of the B, G and R layers, giving ETERNA 250 and 250D smooth, consistent grey balance over a broad range from underexposure to overexposure. This contributes to natural reproduction of both greys and skin tones.
  • Improved Intercuttability - ETERNA 250 and 250D share the same palette and gradation characteristics as high-speed (E.I. 500) ETERNA 500, for seamless intercutting of images as required for many types of motion picture productions.
  • Exceptional Grain - Super Nano-structured Σ Grain Technology effectively boosts sensitivity while producing exceptionally fine grain, making ETERNA 250 and 250D the automatic choice for a variety of scenes and situations.
  • Excellent Sharpness - In addition to Super Nano-structured Σ Grain Technology, ETERNA 250 and 250D also incorporates Super-Efficient DIR-Coupler Technology, boosting the intertayer effects for enhanced sharpness.
  • Enhanced Telecine Characteristics - Extended linear response and exceptional colour balance facilitate colour adjustment during telecine transfer. Optimisation of orange mask density enhances scanning characteristics, creating crisp, dear prints.
ETERNA vivid 500t
Fujicolor Eterna Vivid 500T
The Eterna Vivid 500T has a broad latitude, exceptionally fine grain with increased sharpness. High saturation, punchy vivid colours, high contrast. This stock has excellent skin tones. A seamless match with Eterna Vivid 160T. . More.
ETERNA vivid 250d
Fujicolor Eterna Vivid 250D
New 16mm and 35mm Film Stock. Daylight, exceptionally fine grain, medium speed film with broad latitude, excellent skin tones, seamless match with vivid 500T and 160T. More.
Fujicolor ETERNA 500T 8573/8673
This new high-speed stock offers dramatically improved image quality, incorporating new technologies that have previously been unavailable in motion picture colour negative films. More.
Reala 500D
FUJICOLOR REALA 500D 8592/8692
Incorporating Fujifilm's unique 4th colour layer technology this film offers superbly natural colour reproduction and is especially tolerant of mixed lighting situations. More.
Introducing ETERNA 400, a stock that has remarkable shadow detail and an exceptional ability to capture images that extend the boundaries of creative imaging. Fujifilm's advanced technologies give this new generation motion picture film exceptionally fine grain and superb, smooth tonality producing natural, attractive skin tones. More.
Expanded latitude produces significantly enhanced shadow detail. Warm colours and smooth, consistent gradation produce extremely natural facial tones. Highly suitable for telecine transfer, ETERNA 250 also intercuts seamlessly with high-speed ETERNA 500. More.
Natural colour reproduction on location, outdoors and in mixed light. ETERNA 250D delivers ample sensitivity, detailed information in shadowed portions, and extremely natural facial tones. More.
FUJICOLOR SUPER 160 Vivid 8532/8632
All-purpose tungsten balanced film with adequate speed for both interior and exterior locations. More.
Designed for optimum performance in bright, outdoor locations or indoor settings that are well lit with daylight. More.
FC-I intermediate film captures all the colour and quality of the original negative film. More.
FC-P positive film offers consistent quality and enhanced stability for images that last a lifetime. More.

Q. Do we sell reversal film?
A. Not in Ireland. Fujichrome Velvia colour reversal motion picture film is only available through Fujifilm USA.

Q. Do we sell Super 16mm?
A. Yes. Our 16mm motion picture film products are supplied as single perforated, which is suitable for both Standard and Super 16mm formats. (Double perforated stock is available by special order.)

Q. Does Fuji colour negative film require special processing?
A. No. Fujifilm is designed to be processed by ECN-2 available at any motion picture processing laboratory.

Q. How should I store my film?
A. Please refer to Storage Info.

Q. What precautions should I take with airport X-rays?
A. Carry the film stock as hand luggage. Most, if not all of the newer hand luggage x-ray machines use weak x-ray radiation and it should not affect the film. But if you check your film in as hold luggage, the x-ray machine is likely to be stronger and may well cause some fogging to unexposed or exposed but unprocessed film. Your best option would be to use a commercial carrier to send the film (with a 'DO NOT XRAY' sticker) rather than take it through the airport. If you have to take it through the airport, avoid the x-ray by showing the cans to security and explaining.
* As you are aware, since the tragic events of September 11th, airport security procedures have been upgraded. We advise you not to carry unexposed or unprocessed film through airports but to mail stock with a commercial carrier. When this is unavoidable we suggest you take a changing bag with you and request hand inspection by security officials. You should arrive at the airport as early as possible to allow for delays.

Q. Do you do discounts for students?
A. Yes. Discounts of up to 50% are available to students. Please contact Stuart Hetherington - shethers@eircom.net for more details.

Raw Stock Storage
Like other colour films, Fujicolor Negative Film may undergo certain changes in photographic properties when stored for extended periods. Since these changes can be accelerated, particularly through the action of heat and moisture, it is recommended that raw stock be stored at temperatures below 10 (50F). Packages containing film that has been refrigerated should remain sealed until reaching equilibrium with ambient temperature. When packages are opened too soon, moisture from outside the package may condense on the film surface before and during use.

Exposed Film Handling
Exposed films should be processed as soon as possible. If exposed films cannot be processed within one week of exposure, they should be stored at a temperature below 10 (50F) and processed as soon as circumstances permit.

Processed Film Storage
Fujicolor Negative Film is designed to resist colour fading. However, high temperatures and humidity accelerate changes in dye image and film base deterioration. To avoid such changes, processed film should be kept at a temperature of 15C (59F) with 30% to 40% RH for long-term storage (about 100 years) or at a temperature 20C (68F) with 40% to 50% RH for medium term storage (about 50 years). Furthermore, it is recommended that processed film in storage should undergo visual inspection for changes (e.g. deformation, colour fading, adhesion, and mould) and be checked for acetic acid odour at intervals of a few years. "

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