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The Devil's Own
Feature 110
YEAR: 1997
DIRECTOR: Alan Pakula   Alan B. Curtiss   David R. Ellis
WRITER: Kevin Jarre    David Cohen & Vincent Patrick   
PRODUCTION COMPANY: Sony Pictures Entertainment Columbia Pictures   
PRODUCER: Robert F. Colesberry    Lawrence Gordon    Morgan O'Sullivan   
CAST: Brad Pitt    Harrison Ford    Margaret Colin    Ruben Blades    Treat Williams    George Hearn   Natascha McElhone
EDITOR: Tom Rolf    Dennis Virkler   
DOP: Gordon Willis      
COSTUME DESIGN: Bernie Pollack
HAIR/MAKEUP: Anne Dunne (Hair), Ken Jennings (Make-up)
SOUND: Daniel Birch   Chris Fielder    Benjamin Cheah
MUSIC: James Horner

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The film begins in Northern Ireland in 1972 when the republican father of eight-year old Frankie is gunned down in front of him. Some years later Frankie himself is an Irish republican and involved in sectarian violence. After a particularly bloody shootout, Frankie notes that if they could take out the helicopters there would be a greater possibility of negotiating with the British. Frankie, now a wanted man, sets off to America under the pseudonym of Rory Devaney. His mission is to acquire some Stinger anti-aircraft missiles. He takes up residence with fellow Irish man Tom O Meara, a New York police sergeant and endears himself to the family. O Meara soon finds out that Rory is not working on the building site every day but rather is involved in shady dealings. He sets out to protect his family and bring Rory to justice himself, as he is unlikely to be taken alive by the British.

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