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Feature 96
YEAR: 1988
DIRECTOR: Aisling Walsh   David Brown   Mick Rowland
WRITER: Andy Smith      
PRODUCTION COMPANY: Granada Film Productions British Screen    Little Bird
PRODUCER: Emma Hayter    Jonathan Cavendish      
CAST: Patricia Kerrigan    Andrew Connolly    Billie Whitelaw    David Kelly    John Kavanagh    Deirdre Donoghue   Tracy Peacock
EDITOR: Thomas Schwalm    Imogen Pollard    Michael Kelliher
DOP: Gabriel Beristain      

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This film examines the rural/urban divide in the context of national social problems. Essentially a road movie, as Dubliners Mary and Perky make a journey of discovery as the travel through rural Ireland.

Mary is assaulted by her husband and leaves home with her daughters, however when her suitcase is stolen, she abandons her children as she believe they would be better looked after in care. She meets Perky, who has a criminal past and the two set off to Clare. Mary gets a job in a café and then they move on to a farm where Perky does odd jobs. Once the two have settled a little they return to Dublin and take the children from the orphanage.

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