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Seven Irish Projects to be Pitched at Cartoon Forum 2019
17 Sep 2019 : News Desk
Cartoon Forum takes place from 16-19 September in Toulouse and will see seven Irish projects pitch, including ‘Atom Town’, ‘Critters TV’, ‘Fia’s Fairies’, ‘Ghost Town’, ‘Pins and Nettles’, ‘Snake News’ and ‘Cara’s on the Case’.

Cartoon Forum is one of the world’s leading pitching and co-pro forum for animated TV projects, where animation producers can find cross-border partners and speed up financial arrangements. It allows co-productions to be finalised, pre-buys agreed, negotiation of distribution agreements, options discussed on every type of right, and licensing of secondary rights.

Six of the projects are supported by Creative Europe Media, whilst ‘Cara’s on the Case’ is being developed by Flickerpix with funding from Northern Ireland Screen. 

Irish projects at Cartoon Forum

Atom Town 

Welcome to Atom Town, a colourful, community of characters based on chemistry and the Periodic Table, where our loveable cast – The Elements – have fun and adventures playing together in their magical world where anything is possible! A unique chemistry primer for young audiences, where all the characters are based on real-life elements, Atom Town will introduce kids to fundamental chemistry concepts in a very subtle way – through story, humour, dazzling animation, and unforgettable characters. The capers of our Atom Town Elements will, over time, make the language of chemistry as familiar to children as that of dinosaurs, and provide a solid foundation for science education in later life.

Producer: Treehouse Republic; Turnip & Duck 

Cara’s on the Case 

"Cara’s on the Case" follows the adventures of 6-year-old Cara and her treehouse detective gang, the Clover Club. The club consists of Cara, her friend Rory, his dog Flynn and Reenie the duck. The club mascot is Flaxy the scarecrow who always has a song or two up her sleeve. Cara lives in Chestnut Meadows, a sanctuary run by her parents that cares for sick, injured or neglected animals. When the Clover Club comes across an animal-related or environmental problem, an inquisitive Cara and her friends will jump on the case to try and solve the mystery. The series is a preschool detective show with environmental values, encouraging interactive problem solving and critical thinking. 

ProducerFlickerpix (United Kingdom) 

Critters TV

We all love to watch David Attenborough reveal incredible facts about the animal kingdom, but imagine how the animals themselves would react to seeing themselves on TV? In this 2D-animated comedy sketch show, featuring stunning live-action nature documentary footage, we get the animal’s-eye-view on nature docs, discover what our furry friends are really thinking, and learn some amazing facts about the natural world along the way! We’ll see owls laughing at otters, badgers telling tall tales on squirrels, foxes fighting over the remote control... Packed full of laughs and amazing takeaway facts, "Critters TV" might just change the way kids (and animals!) watch nature documentaries.

ProducerTurnip & Duck

Fia’s Fairies 

This is Fia’s story: an ordinary 5-year-old girl with a big difference - she’s discovered she has a community of fairies living in her back garden who can speak English and another language! Fia’s fairy friends, Bláithín (4) and Cuán (5), love learning about her human life and sharing stories from their own fairy world. Each episode brings to life one legend or fable using a mix of 3D and 2D animation. It’s a lively and curious adventure with the fairies acting as teachers so Fia and young viewers can learn and share in their “special language”. For the original series the special language is Irish, but this can be localised for each territory.

ProducerLittle Moon Animation 

Ghost Town

Meet the Wilsons, a family of white sheet ghosts who run a laundrette in the afterlife. You might think that juvenile struggles, mid-life crises and petty arguments are a thing of the past once folks get to the spirit world - but no, they're all present and correct in Ghost Town. It's a lowly status for the parents, who dream of a better afterlife, but try being 11-year-old Frankie who faces the challenges of 11-year-olds everywhere - with the added weirdness of being a ghost. Discover the life of this offbeat family and peek into their weird and wondrous world, as they run a busy laundrette, strive to achieve a work-afterlife balance, raise a family, all with hilarious results.

ProducerPiranhabar; Dear Will 

Pins and Nettles 

Pins and Nettles are besties and there is nothing they like more than going on adventures together, most of time. You see, Pins and Nettie can both be very shy, especially when encountering the unknown or unexpected – could be an unfamiliar door on the Hedgie Highway, the biggest puddle they’ve ever seen, or the prospect of meeting a new friend. "Pins and Nettles" will explore the very real very common situation of shyness amongst pre-schoolers and show that there is nothing wrong with being shy. It’s just a different way of being and taking in the world around you. Yes, Pins and Nettie are shy, but they are still happy little hedgehogs who just need to approach things in their own way.

Producer: Daily Madness Productions 

Snake News

"Snake News" is a satirical comedy mash-up of “The Muppet Show” and “The Daily Show.” Developed for 8-12-year-olds, it riffs the big news stories from their perspective. "Snake News" doesn’t make fun of any particular news-network, rather it satirizes the OTT narratives created by 24/7 cable and click-bait internet coverage. Led by co-anchors Noah Constrictor and Cobra Libre, the humour is driven from the juxtaposition of real, current events with outrageous, larger-than-life characters interpreting them. A hybrid-mix of animation and puppets, our characters can say and do things that real presenters wouldn’t dare to dream of, using comedy to drive kid-engagement with real-world events.

ProducerKavaleer Productions 

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