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Belfast Festival at Queens
05 Nov 1998 :

Queens Film Theatre, the cinema created by Michael Emmerson and Michael Barnes to show films during the festival is 30 years old this year. To celebrate the event, QFT presents celebrity talks by two major film makers returning to the QFT. The events will consist of screenings of the film makers work(s) followed by a Q & A session chaired by Michael Open.

'All the Little Animals' - Jeremy Thomas
Oscar winning producer Jeremy Thomas has had a close association with QFT for the last twenty-one years since 'The Shout' was shown in the festival in 1977 - Jeremy has recently directed his first film - 'All the Little Animals' - which was shown to great acclaim in Cannes. Bobby Platt (Christian Bale) is a mentally slow young man who escapes an abusive, hateful stepfather (Danial Benzali - from 'Murder One') who has killed his pets one by one. To save himself, Bobby runs away and meets a strange old man (John Hurt) who wanders the highways to bury roadkill animals. With a brilliant and unusual mixture of charm and menace, 'All the little Animals' makes a remarkable debut for Jeremy Thomas.

Friday 13 November

Nicolas Roeg

Nicolas Roeg is one of Britain's foremost film-makers. From 'Performance' to 'Don't Look Now', 'The Man Who Fell to Earth', 'Bad Timing' to 'Insignificance' and 'The Witches', his work has shown extraordinary originality, creativity and technical bravura. During this session QFC will be showing a short that he made a few years ago, 'Hotel Paradise'. It stars the directors wife, Theresa Russell as a bride-to-be of a Mafioso who awakes one morning in bed with a chained, naked man, with not the slightest clue how she got there and also Nicolas Roeg will talk about his work.

Saturday 21 November

Northern Ireland on Screen

Crossmaheart - Dir Henry Herbert - Saturday 14 Nov
Sunset Heights - Dir Colm Villa - Monday 16 Nov
All for Love - Dir Harry Hook - Wednesday 18 Nov
Divorcing Jack - Dir David Caffrey - Friday 20 Nov
Titanic Town - Dir Roger Mitchell - Friday 13 - Sunday 29 Nov
Girls Night - Dir Nick Hurran - Friday 13 - Sunday 15 Nov
Persuasion - Dir Roger Mitchell - Saturday 14 & Sunday 15 Nov

Northern Ireland Shorts 1

Northern Ireland Shorts 2

Other Screenings

Wildman Blues - Dir Barbara Kopple; Sunday 22 - Tuesday 24 Nov.
The Governess - Dir Sandra Goldbacher; Friday 13 - Thursday 26 Nov.
Central Station - Dir Walter Salles - Thursday 19 Nov
Love is the Devil - Dir John Maybury - Friday 27 - Sunday 29 Nov.
The Craic - Dir Ted Emery - Sunday 22 - Thursday 26 Nov
Point Blank - Dir John Boorman - Friday 27 - Sunday 29 Nov.
Hana Bi - Dir Kitano Takeshi - Sunday 15 - Tuesday 17 Nov.
Mother & Son - Dir Alexander Sokurov - Friday 20 & Saturday 21 Nov.
Hands - Dir Arthur Aristakisian - Saturday 28 - Sunday 29 Nov.
Midwalk - Dir Bernt Capra - Tuesday 24 - Thursday 26 Nov Last Days of Disco - Dir Whit Stillman - Friday 27 - Sunday 29 November

Closing Gala - Vigo: Passion for Life
Jean Vigo was one of the most talented, romantic and tragic figures in the history of French Cinema. He directed just four films in the 1930's before he died of tuberculosis, but his films 'Zero de Conduit' and 'L'Atlante' are renowned classics. The film tells of his work and of his relationship with his wife Lydu, and his passion that drove him to push the boundaries of portrayal in the avant garde cinema of his day. Directed by Julian Temple.

Saturday 28 Nov.


Through the Looking Glass
Another area of the festival which may be of interest to film fans is through the Looking Glass is the first major collaboration between composer Philip Glass and Designer/Director Robert Wilson since their 1076 twentieth century opera and theatre masterpiece Einstein on the Beach. It combines three-dimensional computer generated images created by Kleiser-Walczak Construction Company and projected onto a large screen in the 70mm stereoscopic film form with live performance of full length score for live voices, woodwinds, keyboards, Macintosh computers, MIDI interface and custom-designed sampled Persion and Middle Eastern string and percussion instruments. Performed by Philip Glass Ensemble and vocal soloists.

'Monsters of Grace'
Utilising advanced digital technology developed by Silicon Graphics, Inc. (originally brought to public awareness in 'Jurassic Park') 'Monsters of Grace' melds high art and high technology to produce a multi-platform conceptual 21st century form of opera-theatre. The New York Times said "...the mysteries of this new opera are in widening and deepening of the theatre going experience. 'Monsters' promises importance...the nostalgic world of 19th century theatre is abandoned; so, too, the identification with high culture that have come to separate the opera from the show and the aria from the song. For those who wondered when classical music would get around to connecting with the rest of the real world, this may be the beginning of an answer".

Saturday 28 November 98, Waterfront Hall 6pm and 10pm

'La Belle Et La Bete'

This operatic version of Jean Cocteau's legendary 1945 black and white silent film of 'Beauty and the Beast' uses the film in complete version but replaces the soundtrack with sung dialogue and music created and performed live by Philip Glass and his ensemble. Glass augments the films majesty with his own increasingly lush and romantic music. It is the first and only time classical music has been opera-ised, a co-mingling of opera, concert and film screening that is a unique and thrilling experience to behold.

Wednesday 25 November 98, Waterfront Hall 8pm

A silent film with live musical score. "Godfrey Reggio's astonishing Koyaanisqatsi is a worless, dazzling fusion of sound and image...The shots that open the film suggest the medieval view of the world as a unity of earth, air, fire and water. Philip Glasse's superb and sympathetic score which is one of the stars of the film, underlines the effect by its reference to Gregorian Chant... 'Koyaanisqatsi' is more than an awestruck hymn to nature and its majesty. These images serve as a powerful prelude to the damage man has done to the world and himself".

Friday 27 November 98, Waterfront Hall 10.30pm


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