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Production Gears Up for Stephen Gaffney's fourth feature 'The Profession of Violence'
24 Jul 2019 : News Desk
The Profession of Violence
Filming is due to begin in August on Gaffney's Irish true crime drama.

Starring Eoin Quinn (Fair City, Red Room, Limp), Eric Lalor (Fair City), Fionna Twamley Hewitt (Blood, Cardboard Gansters), John D'Alessandro ( Rosie, Red Rock ), David O' Sullivan, Justine O'Rourke, Samantha Gallagher and Steven Jess (Red Rock) along with other actors who are yet to be announced.

Director Gaffney, who also penned the script with Erica Keegan, says the feature is primarily set in Dublin but with certain scenes/events set in Spain and Dubai. 

 “I have always been a huge fan of crime films”, said Gaffney when speaking with IFTN. “I was on the fence about making this film due to the Irish film scene being flooded with crime dramas since Love/Hate. But after so much research and writing the script over three years, I don't believe there will be a comparison to any other films/TV shows as this is a true story. The news has been flooded with gang related shootings for as long as I can remember and I decided to put it into a narrative to show exactly what is happening in gangland Ireland at the moment. I believe it will be a worthy addition to Irish film, not your run of the mill gangster rehash”

Gaffney continued saying, “I'm very happy with the cast. I will be announcing them in full at a later date along with who they are portraying. We're all working very hard behind the scenes on a project that everybody is very excited to be a part of.”

All of Gaffney's previous features have been picked up for distribution. Most recently, Red Room, a gore soaked horror was released in cinemas and DVD after being certified 18's by IFCO for “Strong. Sadistic Violence”

Asked would this be the case with The Profession of Violence, Gafney said “Red Room was a gory horror film. It was social commentary on how desensitised people are to violent imagery. I pushed the boundaries as much as I felt comfortable in order to get the point across to audiences. I will most certainly imagine Profession of Violence will be rated 18's but for different reasons. There will be language and violence, nothing on the scale of Red Room though. It is more of a character driven film. It will certainly live up to its title though.”

“This is my first film that is a true story from beginning to end. This made the script harder to write as I have no intention of glorifying people's deaths for cinematic entertainment. That would be hugely disrespectful to the victim's families. I have reached out to as many family members involved as possible and have had no objections. There are already dozens of documentaries on the subject that contradict each other.  The film as a whole is a very sensitive subject for all involved. After years of research I believe I will do the story justice. I did not rush this project like I did my previous films. Myself and Co-Writer Erica Keegan have released four features and over a dozen shorts within three years. We both took a break to concentrate on this screenplay. The script had our full attention”. 

During this time Gaffney has also taken a step back from the director’s chair to produce a short film, which is directed by Jack Neary and starring Alan Devine entitled 'Walk in my Shadow'. “(I did this) while I was looking for funding for POV. This will most likely be hitting festivals the same time as the feature. That was the first project I have produced that I was not directing. It was a good experience and opened doors to this film being made.”

The Profession of Violence will be entered into festivals in 2020 before being released to the public.

Click here to find out more about the film and to see small excerpts from the feature during the year. 

Tom Collins: “For me it's all about the work, which is about creating a reflection of a modern Irish cultural identity that can travel beyond borders, history and these shores.”
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