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Reelgood Productions Manager Aidan Sheeran talks to IFTN
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Reelgood Productions is managed by Aidan Sheeran who has over 30 years’ experience in the business
With Reelgood Productions emerging as a force to be reckoned with in the TV commercial arena over the past couple of years, IFTN talks to Manager Aidan Sheeran who has over 30 years’ experience in the business.

Drawing on a very impressive stable of directors that includes the IFTA-winning director of ‘Love/Hate’ David Caffrey, Reelgood has produced acclaimed commercial work for brands such as Allianz, Carzone, Lidl, Smirnoff, Irish Rail and Dunnes Stores to name but a few.

With Reelgood’s successful Modus Operandi ensuring the company is all about project management through team building, bringing together only the best in available talent and crew to ensure each and every production is unique and delivered to its very best potential – we talk to Aidan about the emerging company and what the future holds.

IFTN: Reelgood Productions has been in the commercials and digital content game for a relatively short space of time – how did you manage to draw up such an impressive and long list of clients?

Aidan Sheeran: ‘Reelgood Productions has been established for just over three years and in that short space of time we've managed to produce a fairly impressive portfolio of TV commercials and digital content. We’re an ambitious company with a firm focus on growth and we are keen to establish ourselves as a major player in the television commercials production arena.’

‘In truth, we really enjoy what we do and we treat every production as a new adventure. We're very fortunate that many of our clients are the larger Advertising Agencies in Dublin and we've worked hard to establish and grow our relationships with these agencies. We've produced TV ads for DDFH&B, Owens DDB, Focus Advertising, Catalyst DNA, Bloom, CKSK, The Social House, Irish International, Rapport, Ogilvy to name but a few. We're also very happy with the brands on our show reel - these include Johnston Mooney and O'Brien, Coors Light, Goodfellas, Avonmore. Allianz, Supervalu, The Asthma Society, KBC Bank and many more quality brands.’

‘On the digital content side, we've produced content for Google, CBRE, Bank of Ireland, Allianz, Lidl, Irish life, RSA to name a few. We are currently in production with Chemistry and Owens DDB on two TV commercials and Bank of Ireland and Shell on digital content. It's worth noting for Agency Producers that we're posting the Chemistry job in Screenscene. We've already posted commercials in Windmill Lane and Screenscene and it's very important that Reelgood Productions post in the post house that best suits the job, be it for technical reasons, historical reasons or just the client's preferred choice.’

Do you think your own background and reputation in the industry had a hand in Reelgood Production’s quick success?

‘I’ve been in this business for nearly 30 years and I’m lucky to have long-term relationships with many Advertising Agencies along with a very solid knowledge base in both post and production. This has been an enormous help in ensuring that the Agency’s needs are not only understood but we also have a clear understanding of the needs of the brands they represent. There are many stakeholders in the TV commercial production process and it is our role to ensure that all stakeholders are fully understood and looked after. Part of this process is ensuring that we build the correct team for each production. My role here is team builder and a team leader. Every production is unique and with that, the skills base required must be brought together to match the projects requirements.’

Why do you think Reelgood has so much business returning?

‘In this arena, you’re only as good as your last gig so in order to ensure that business returns, it’s imperative that you do the very best job possible. It’s difficult enough to get to pitch projects so when you do get the opportunity, it’s hugely important to do the very best job possible. We are always striving to bring that extra 20% to our client expectations. This starts in the pitch process and time spent preparing quality treatments, realistic budgets and accurate schedules are the first steps in securing a job. Repeat business is absolutely essential in a small town like Dublin so developing relationships and delivering the highest quality work is the best way to see returning business.’

With past clients including Allianz, JMOB, Ulster Bank, SuperValu, Failte Ireland and KBC Bank to name but a few – can you tell us you go about ensuring and developing long term relationships with Advertising Agencies?

‘Without the Advertising Agencies we have no business model. You want to be top of their list when it comes to a call to pitch. To do this, you must deliver high-quality productions on budget, on schedule with the grace of the swan. It’s not good enough to be a safe pair of hands, you need to be seen as dynamic, creative, enthusiastic and constantly on top of your game.’

‘Business creates more business. When you’re working on a project with an Agency the chances are you’ll see more business from that Agency because you’re on their radar. Out of sight is out of mind, you can never be out of sight.’

Tell us a little about the stable of directors you have working for you at the minute?

‘We’ve some excellent directors in our stable not least Ken Byrne, David Caffrey of ‘Love/Hate’ fame and Stu Teehan.’

‘Ken Byrne has been with us since the start and he brings over 30 years’ experience in the business. Ken is a terrific all-rounder, there is little he hasn’t encountered on location or on set and when it comes to pack shots and shooting food, there’s no one better.’

‘David Caffrey is a drama director with a great talent for comedy timing. David is probably best known for directing the RTÉ drama ‘Love/Hate’ and he also has three features under his belt… ‘On the Nose’, ‘Divorcing Jack’ and ‘Grand Theft Parsons’.’

‘Stu Teehan is the new kid on the block with an impressive portfolio of web/ content material. There are also a number of freelance directors that we tap into to match the requirements for a specific script.’

You seem like a company that doesn’t intend to rest on their laurels, how do you plan on expanding Reelgood Productions?

‘Our immediate plan is to expand on the number of directors we represent. We are currently looking for new commercials directors to join our stable. We want to be able to cover the full gambit of production requirements and have directors to suit the various genres. If you’re a TV commercials director with an excellent show reel and want to have a chat, we’re all ears. Creatives tend to look for Directors first to match their script, we need to be a first port of call as they research their needs.’

Finally can you tell us a little about your 2015 so far – what have you worked on? And what will you work on in the immediate future?

‘We’ve had broad mix of TV commercials and online content in production over the last six months. We’ve produced commercials for Goodfellas, the Asthma Society, Avonmore Summer Cream, Allianz, The Sunday World and we’re currently in production for Bachelors and Low Low Cheese. We’ve also produced online content for Bank of Ireland, CRBE, the Kerry Group, UCD, IDL Pernod Ricard along with other blue-chip clients.’

‘With the planned growth of directors in our stable, our strong relationships with Advertising Agencies and the creative approach we take to doing business - the future promises to be exciting and busy.’

‘As a company, we welcome the opportunity to write creative pitches and treatments for TV commercials and online content. This is where our business starts, our relationships develop and our success is measured.’

For more information on Reelgood Productions, go to www.reelgoodproductions.ie.

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