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IFTA 2011 Nominees Announced
11 Jan 2011 :
IFTA Nominees Stephen Rea, Saoirse Ronan
Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Charlene McKenna
IFTA has announced its shortlist of nominees in 36 categories for the 8th Annual Irish Film and Television Awards, which will take place on Saturday 12th February at The Convention Centre Dublin (CCD). Films shortlisted include Juanita Wilson’s ‘As If I Am Not There’, Tom Hall’s ‘Sensation’ and PJ Dillon’s ‘Rewind’ whilst the nominated dramas include Thaddeus O’Sullivan’s ‘Single-Handed’, Dearbhla Walsh’s ‘The Silence’ and Robert Quinn’s ‘Na Cloigne’.

The features nominated for Best Film at IFTA 2011 are; Juanita Wilson’s Bosnian-set drama ‘As If I Am Not There’; dark Irish comedies Parallel Films’ ‘Perrier’s Bounty’ and Blinder Films’ ‘Sensation’; Conor McDermottroe’s gritty ‘Swansong - Story of Occi Byrne’ and Ian Power’s uplifting drama ‘The Runway’.

The Irish Film and Television Awards (IFTA) 2011 look to celebrate the highest standard of Irish talent from the last twelve month and each category has been shortlisted by Members of the Irish Film & Television Academy’s fourteen chapters alongside a select Jury panel of industry experts from around the world.

‘Sensation’ director Tom Hall is nominated in the Director Film category whilst Juanita Wilson, Ian Power and PJ Dillon each received nominations for their feature film directorial debuts. Another newcomer, Will Collins, makes the Script Film shortlist for his screenplay ‘My Brothers’ alongside Mark O’Rowe (Perrier’s Bounty), Juanita Wilson (As If I Am Not There) and Conor McDermottroe (Swansong – Story of Occi Byrne).

Where the IFTA film acting categories are concerned, Cillian Murphy and Brendan Gleeson are nominated for their performances in the Irish gangster comedy, ‘Perrier’s Bounty’ and both Colin Farrell and Saoirse Ronan receive nominations for their performances in Peter Weir’s recent road movie ‘The Way Back’. Pierce Brosnan (The Ghost) and Liam Neeson (Chloe) are also shortlisted for their work on international projects with Martin McCann and Colm Meaney receiving nominations for their leading roles in Irish features ‘Swansong: Story of Occi Byrne’ and ‘Parked’ respectively.

Irish actresses Kerry Condon and Marcella Plunkett received their first IFTA nominations this year for their supporting roles in ‘The Runway’ and ‘Swansong: Story of Occi Byrne’ respectively, with IFTA winning actress Eileen Walsh shortlisted for her performance in ‘Snap’.

Amy Huberman’s lead performance in the feature film ‘Rewind’ will be judged against the performances from Television’s Lead Actresses Ruth Bradley (Love/Hate), Orla Brady (Mistresses), Sarah Flood (Fair City) and Charlene McKenna (RAW), IFTA having merged these two categories this year due to an inadequate number of Lead Actress submissions in the Film category.

In the category of Irish drama RTÉ’s Dublin-set crime drama ‘Love/Hate’ led the overall Awards shortlist with 10 nominations across television drama, acting and craft categories. Biopics ‘MO’ and ‘When Harvey Met Bob’ are also nominated nominated with ‘Wild Decembers’, ‘The Silence’ and Irish language drama ‘Na Cloigne’ for Single Drama/Drama Serial. ‘RAW’, ‘Single-Handed’, ‘The Tudors’ and ‘Ros na Run’ received nominations again in 2011 alongside new project ‘Love/Hate’ in Drama Series/Soap.

Having won the IFTA for Director Television in 2010 for his work on ‘Into the Storm’, director Thaddeus O’Sullivan has been nominated again in the category, this year for his work on ‘Single Handed’. His fellow nominees include David Caffrey for ‘Love/Hate’; Robert Quinn for ‘Na Cloigne’ and Dearbhla Walsh for ’The Silence’.

Fair City writer Hilary Reynolds this year received her first IFTA nomination as did the Irish soap opera’s stars Sarah Flood and Eamon Morrissey. Other first-time nominees in the acting categories include Robert Sheehan for ‘Love/Hate’ along with brothers Domhnall Gleeson for ‘When Harvey Met Bob’ and Brian Gleeson for ‘Love/Hate’. Orla Brady (Mistresses) and Ruth Negga (Love/Hate) also receive acting nominations with IFTA winning actors Stephen Rea (Single Handed), Sean McGinley (Wild Decembers), Ruth McCabe (Single-Handed), Charlene McKenna (RAW), Dervla Kirwan (The Silence) and Sarah Bolger (The Tudors).

Television-wise, TV3’s ‘The Apprentice’ features in the shortlist for Entertainment programme for the third year in a row alongside Good Company Productions’ ‘Feirm Factor’; RTÉ’s ‘The Model Scouts’ and ‘Your Bad Self’. 2010’s Current Affairs IFTA winner, ‘The Frontline’ is shortlisted for the second year running with other nominations in this category going to BBC’s ‘Spotlight: The Iris Robinson Investigation’ and programmes from previous IFTA winners including ‘Tonight with Vincent Browne’ and ‘Prime Time Investigates: Forgotten Lives’.

Finally RTÉ’s ‘Operation Transformation’, the final series to have been presented by the late Gerry Ryan, is nominated in the factual category alongside TV3’s flagship morning show ‘Ireland AM’ and two other RTÉ factual series, ‘Reeling in the Years’ and ‘The Eagles Return’. Other shortlisted titles include the sports programmes ‘Graeme McDowell’s Major Moment’, a behind the scenes look at the Irish golfer’s US Open victory; ‘In Sunshine or In Shadow’, the true story behind Barry McGuigan and Eusebio Pedroza’s featherweight title match; and documentaries such as ‘TK Whitaker - Seirbhseach an Stáit’, examining one of Ireland’s most respected public servants; the nationwide search for ‘Ireland’s Greatest’; and the topical ‘Freefall: The Night The Banks Failed’, which recounts the dramatic events in the fortnight leading up to the banking crisis.

The academy also announced recently that Dublin’s Convention Centre is the new venue for the Irish Film & Television Awards ceremony in 2011. It was further revealed that IFTA received 245 titles submitted for consideration in the 2011 Awards.

IFTA’s Academy CEO, Aine Moriarty commented on this year’s nominee’s, saying: “In 2010 the Irish film and television industry has continued to produce a remarkable standard of work despite difficult circumstances in the Irish economy. The Academy is delighted the industry, with the on-going support from the Irish government, is continuing to provide excellent feature films, dramas, entertainment programmes and documentaries. Audiences in Ireland and around the world consistently respond to the work produced and made by our home-grown creative talents and, alongside many of our industry greats I am pleased to see so many exciting new names in the shortlist – this reflects the growing pool of talent in our creative industries, long may it continue.”



As If I Am Not There-James Flynn (Octagon Films)
Perrier's Bounty - Alan Moloney (Parallel Film)
Sensation - Katie Holly (Blinder Films)
Swansong: Story of Occi Byrne - Edwina Forkin (Zanzibar Films)
The Runway - Macdara Kelleher (Fastnet Films)

Director Film
PJ Dillon -Rewind (Carbon Films)
Tom Hall -Sensation (Blinder Films)
Ian Power - The Runway (Fastnet Films)
Juanita  Wilson - As If I Am Not There (Octagon Films)

Script Film
Will Collins - My Brothers (Rubicon Films)
Conor McDermottroe - Swansong: Story of Occi Byrne (Zanzibar Films)
Mark O'Rowe - Perrier's Bounty(Parallel Film)
Juanita  Wilson - As If I Am Not There (Octagon Films)

Actor in a Lead Role - Film
Martin McCann -Swansong: Story of Occi Byrne (Zanzibar Films)
Colm Meaney-Parked (Ripple World Pictures Limited)
Cillian Murphy - Perrier's Bounty (Parallel Films)
Liam Neeson- Chloe (Element Pictures Distribution)

Actress in a Lead Role - Film / Television*
Ruth Bradley - Love/Hate (Octagon Films)
Orla Brady-Mistresses (Ecosse Films for BBC Wales)
Amy Huberman-Rewind (Carbon Films)
Sarah Flood - Fair City (RTÉ)
Charlene McKenna -RAW (Octagon Films / Ecosse Films)

Actor in a Supporting Role - Film
Pierce Brosnan-The Ghost (Element Pictures Distribution)
Colin Farrell -The Way Back (Exclusive Films)
Brendan Gleeson - Perrier’s Bounty (Parallel Films)
Cillian Murphy -Inception (Warner Bros.)

Actress in a Supporting Role - Film
Kerry Condon -The Runway (Fastnet Films)
Marcella Plunkett -Swansong: Story of Occi Byrne (Zanzibar Films)
Saoirse Ronan -The Way Back (Exclusive Films)
Eileen Walsh -Snap (Samson Films)

The George Morrison Feature Documentary Award
Burma Soldier - Julie leBrocquy (leBrocquy Fraser)
Pyjama Girls - Maya Derrington (Still Films)
The Pipe – Risteard Ó'Domhnaill& Rachel Lysaght (ScannáinInbhearTeo)
What We Leave in Our Wake - Pat Collins (Harvest Films)


International Film
A Prophet (Element Pictures Distribution)
Inception (Warner Bros.)
The Social Network (Sony)
Toy Story 3 (Walt Disney Pictures)

International Actor
Russell Crowe - The Next Three Days (Lionsgate Films)
Leonardo DiCaprio-Inception (Warner Bros.)
Jesse Esienberg-The Social Network (Sony)
Rahar Rahim - A Prophet (Element Pictures Distribution)

International Actress
Annette Benning - The Kids are All Right (Universal)
Helena Bonham-Carter - The King's Speech (The Weinstein Company)
Jennifer Lawrence - Winter's Bone (Artificial Eye)
Natasha Petrovic - As If I Am Not There (Octagon Films)


Single Drama / Drama Serial (sponsored by BAI)
Mo -(Channel 4 / ITV Studios)
Na Cloigne - CiaránÓ'Cofaigh (ROSG)
The Silence - Eleanor Greene (Company Pictures & BBC)
When Harvey Met Bob -Catherine Magee (Great Meadow Productions)
Wild Decembers -Edna O'Brien, Anthony Byrne (Touchpaper Television/ Octagon Films)

Drama Series / Soap (sponsored by BAI)
Love/Hate - Suzanne McAuley (Octagon Films)
RAW - Michael Parke& Suzanne McAuley (Octagon Films / Ecosse Films)
Ros na Rún - Máire Ni Thuathail (EO Teilifis)
Single-Handed - Owen McDonnell (Touchpaper Television)
The Tudors - Morgan O'Sullivan (World 2000 Entertainment)

Director Television
David Caffrey - Love/Hate (Octagon Films)
Thaddeus O'Sullivan - Single-Handed (Touchpaper Television for RTÉ)
Robert Quinn - Na Cloigne (ROSG)
Dearbhla Walsh - The Silence (Company Pictures & BBC)

Writer Television
Darach Ó Scolaí & Lauren Mackenzie - Na Cloigne (ROSG)
Stuart Carolan - Love/Hate (Octagon Films)
Lisa McGee -RAW (Octagon Films / Ecosse Films)
Hilary Reynolds - Fair City (RTÉ)

Actor in a Lead Role - Television
Domhnall Gleeson - When Harvey Met Bob (Great Meadow Productions)
Owen McDonnell - Single-Handed (Touchpaper Television)
Jonathan Rhys Meyers - The Tudors (World 2000 Entertainment)
Robert Sheehan - Love/Hate (Octagon Films)

Actress in a Lead Role -Film/Television
Ruth Bradley - Love/Hate (Octagon Films)
Orla Brady-Mistresses (BBC)
Amy Huberman-Rewind (Carbon Films)
Sarah Flood - Fair City (RTÉ)
Charlene McKenna -RAW (Octagon Films / Ecosse Films)

Actor in a Supporting Role - Television
Brian Gleeson - Love/Hate (Octagon Films)
Seán McGinley - Wild Decembers (RTÉ)
Eamon Morrissey - Fair City (RTÉ)
Stephen Rea - Single-Handed (Touchpaper Television)

Actress in a Supporting Role - Television
Sarah Bolger -The Tudors (World 2000 Entertainment)
DervlaKirwan - The Silence (Company Pictures & BBC)
Ruth McCabe - Single-Handed (Touchpaper Television)
Ruth Negga - Love/Hate (Octagon Films)

CRAFT / TECHNICAL CATEGORIES (across film and television)

Costume Design
Joan Bergin - The Tudors (World 2000 Entertainment)
Consolata Boyle -Tamara Drewe (Ruby Films)
Joan O'Cleary - Swansong - Story of Occi Byrne (Zanzibar Films)
Susan Scott - Cup Cake (Wee Buns)

Director of Photography
PJ Dillon - The Runway (Fastnet Films)
Tim Fleming - As If I Am Not There (Octagon Films)
Donal Gilligan - Love/Hate (RTÉ)
Owen McPolin - The Silence (Company Pictures)


Dermot Diskin - Love/Hate (Octagon Films)
Guy Montgomery -Parked (Ripple World Pictures Limited)
Nathan Nugent - As If I Am Not There (Octagon Films)
Emer Reynolds - My Brothers (Rubicon Films)

Make Up & Hair (Sponsored by MAC)
Jill Brennan – Swansong: Story of Occi Byrne (Zanita Films)
Caroline McCurdy - Na Cloigne (ROSG)
Tom McInerney, Dee Corcoran - The Tudors (World 2000 Entertainment)
Louise Myler-Parked (Ripple World Pictures Limited)

Original Score
Niall Byrne -Parked (Ripple World Pictures)
Ray Harman - Na Cloigne (ROSG)
Lance Hogan - Lapland Odyssey (Ripple World Pictures)
Gary Lightbody & Jacknife Lee - My Brothers (Rubicon Films)

Production Design
Ray Ball - The Runway (Fastnet Films)
Tamara Conboy -Sensation (Bl!nder Films)
Tom Conroy - The Tudors (World 2000 Entertainment)
Susie Cullen - The Silence (Company Pictures)


Circus Fantasticus - Daniel Birch, Robert Flanagan (Fastnet Films)
Essential Killing - Robert Flanagan, Michelle Cunniffe, Fiadhnait McCann (Element Pictures)
Rewind - Patrick Hanlon, Ken Galvin, Niall Brady (Carbon Films)
The Silence - Karl Merren, Ken Galvin, Peter Blayney (Company Pictures)


Children’s / Youth Programme
Big City Park -Colin Williams (Sixteen South Television)
The Octonauts - Darrgah O'Connell (Brown Bag Films)
Primary School Musical - Ruth Meehan (GMarsh TV)
Seacht -Colin O'Donnell (Stirling Film and Television)

Current Affairs
Prime Time Investigates - Forgotten Lives - Barry O'Kelly (RTÉ)
The Frontline - David Nally (RTÉ)
Spotlight: The Iris Robinson Investigation – Darragh MacIntyre (BBC NI)
Tonight with Vincent Browne - Tom Fabozzi (TV3)

Documentary Series
1916 Seachtar na Cásca -Pierce Boyce (Abú Media)
Freefall: The Night The Banks Failed - Janet Traynor (Animo)
Ireland's Greatest - Gerry Hoban (Tyrone Productions)
The Truth about Travellers - Owen McArdle (TV3)

Children In Charge: Ireland's Young Carers-Ailbhe Maher (Subotica)
TK Whitaker - Seirbhíseach an Stáit – Martin Dwan (Zampano Prodictions)
Vanished in the Mountains: Ireland's Missing Women - Owen McArdle (TV3)
Voices From The Grave - Patrick Farrelly& Ed Moloney (Deer Lake Films)

Entertainment Programme
The Apprentice – Larry Bass (Screentime ShinAwiL)
Feirm Factor – Evan Chamberlain (Good Company Productions)
The Model Scouts - Billy                McGrath (Sideline Productions)
Your Bad Self – John Butler (Treasure Entertainment)

Factual Programme
Ireland AM – Victoria O'Brien (TV3)
Operation Transformation – Philip Kampf (RTÉ)
Reeling In The Years - John O'Regan (RTÉ)
The Eagles Return – John Murray (Crossing the Line Films)

Sports Programme
Graeme McDowell's Major Moment - Gary McCutcheon (BBC Northern Ireland)
Gualainn le Gualainn - Andrew Gallimore & Morgan Bushe (Fastnet Films)
In Sunshine Or In Shadow - Andrew Gallimore (Fastnet Films)
World Cup Live - Kieran Craven (RTÉ)


Special Irish Language Award
1916 Seachtar na Cásca - Pierce Boyce (Abú Media)
An Crisis - Martha O'Neill (Wildfire Films)
Na Cloigne – Ciarán Ó'Cofaigh (ROSG)
Ros na Rún - Máire Ni Thuathail (EO Teilifis)

Anam an Amhráin - Sean O Cualain (Sónta/Cartoon Saloon)
The External World -Ines Schiller, David O'Reilly
Head Space – Barry O’Donoghue (Barley Films)
The Octonauts - Darragh O'Connell (Brown Bag Films)

Short Film
Deep End Dance – Conor Horgan (Wildfire Films)
Noreen - Juliette Bonass (El Zorrero Films)
Pentecost - Peter McDonald (EMU Productions)
Small Change – Cathy Brady (Cherry RED Pictures)

More at www.ifta.ie

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