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Magma at MIPCOM
10 Oct 2008 :
With the current release of ‘Niko & The Way To The Stars’ in more than 100 territories Magma Films are presenting a slate of new international projects from the live action and animation departments that will certainly have broadcasters and distributors sitting up and taking notice.

THE GUARDS: Feature-length drama series based on the novel The Guards by award winning novelist Ken Bruen. Developed with RTL, Germany:
Jack Taylor is an ex-cop. On face value his only discernable skill is finding things. He lives within the ever-increasing margins of humanity. His allegiance is with those that survive in the underbelly of society: Those that cannot or would not go to the normal police force for help. His backdrop is the space where shadow meets light; that Film Noir landscape inhabited by the Travelers, Immigrants and those with an alternative view of society; the Artists, Crusties and Crooks.
Magma will produce this feature-length movie as a pilot for a long-running series featuring the main character Jack Taylor.
Ken Bruen is also the author of the London-based crime novel series London Boulevard, currently being adapted by Oscar-winning The Departed writer William Monahan.

GREEN CRIME: 12 x 60’ - Ecological Crime Series

Developed with the European Broadcast Union and ARD/SWR.
The biological integrity of our planet is in danger. Ruthless criminals are polluting our air, soil and water. Interpol has created a specialist squad to prevent and fight environmental crime. Located in Berlin, this new unit boasts broad powers that can overrule Europe-wide national laws when ‘green crimes’ are committed and when big money puts little value on human life. Magma are currently developing this international drama series along with the EBU and SWR Germany and a renowned writing team.

THE COURTSHIP GIFT: 1 x 100’ / 2 x 52’ – TV Movie/Mini Series
Based on the international bestseller by Julie Parsons. Developed with Northern Ireland Screen.
When Dublin solicitor David Neale is found dead of anaphylactic shock brought about by a bee sting, his entomologist wife, Anna, can’t quite believe it. After all, David knew he was allergic and avoided bees assiduously. Upon discovering a package that was delivered to David on the day of his death, Anna’s suspicions are heightened. Soon, however, her idyllic memories of her late husband are spoiled as she learns he was living a secret life rife with lies, corruption and other women. Isolated in her widowhood, Anna falls vulnerable to the charms of handsome Matthew Makepiece; ostensibly a real estate developer but in reality the enigmatic, chilling and masterfully seductive villain who the reader already knows has been watching Anna from the beginning. When he offers her the key, will Anna be bold enough to open the Pandora’s box of Matthew’s past? Can she cope with the ugly truths that she may find there?


OOOPS! NOAH IS GONE...: 3D animated feature 80’ & 3D animated series 26 X 26’
Ever wonder what happened to the creatures that missed the boat the day Noah left?
Marooned on a brand-new island and surrounded by uncharted seas, this peculiar bunch of creatures must learn how to fit in, get on and survive. With very different lifestyles and habits, amusing misunderstandings and confusions ensue.
Watch as all of the weird and wonderful creatures, never seen before by our eyes, break down prejudices, make friends and overcome their anxieties together. However diverse our motley crew are, they are united by one thing: their fear of water.
The series is set in the same location and time frame, and while the creatures learn their ‘lessons’ or pursue adventures, their characters remain unchanged. In our feature story, our characters face an additional challenge: The flood is rising...
As their new home gets smaller and smaller, so the animals come closer and closer together which has both heartening and aggravating results. What will our primordial friends choose to do? Will they enter the water?

THOR: 3D animated feature
Co production with CAOZ (Iceland)
THÓR – the strong and powerful son of King Odin – is bored being just a blacksmith in Asgard; the City of the Gods but his Father doesn’t think he’s ready to fight the Giants. When Thór learns that the Giants are preparing a massive attack on the City, he challenges the King of the Giants to a duel to prove his worth. Thór takes with him Mjölnir, a spellbound, apparently magical hammer that does not function properly. After a humiliating defeat, Thór barely escapes the Kingdom of the Giants with the aid of the human girl Edda, and he feels obliged to bring her safely home.
When tragedy splits Thór and Edda apart, Thór must make the most difficult choice he has ever faced: to save his friend’s life or his Father’s kingdom.

BUG MULDOON: 3D animated feature 80’ & 3D animated series 52 x 13’ based on Paul Shipton’s best-selling books. Series in collaboration with ARD/WDR, EBU and Europool (Germany). Feature distributed by Telepool (Germany)
Bug Muldoon is somewhat of a maverick; a cool, tough private eye with a certain instinct for dangerous situations in the garden of fear. There’s no job too big, no job too small! The garden is his patch.
In the feature film, together with his mate Jake - a sugar loving housefly - and the gorgeous grasshopper girl, Wilma; he solves the most difficult case of his career. The series also involves other myriad garden residents and their curious daily adventures whilst showcasing Bug’s innate ability to solve a mystery and crack a case.

DR. ELLA: 3D animated series 52 x 13’
Dr. Ella is a likeable, young, funny and skillful doctor who helps anyone in need. She knows all about medicine and about the people she treats - just like her nosey stethoscope Mata! Let’s accompany her on her daily adventures: Welcome to Dr. Ella’s practice! (‘Bob the Builder’ for girls)
Successfully presented at Cartoon Forum 2008

JUST A THOUGHT: 2D animated series 26 x 5’
Kids on Hope, Love, Happiness and Fear.
Children of varying ages, backgrounds and cultures share their thoughts with us and their friends on the significant and curious elements of life.
We hear about their likes and dislikes; their fears, hopes and dreams. The charming child-like 2D animation, with its squiggles and scribbles, helps illustrate the world from a kid’s point of view.
The main concept behind our project was to really listen to children to get their ideas and points of view on many diverse subjects: to hear their voices.
Other episode themes include: Money, Marriage, Anger, Birth, Trust, Music, Language, War and Peace.
The results are often hilarious; sometimes heart-breaking; but invariably captivating.
Successfully presented at Cartoon Forum 2008

MIPCOM Contact info: Stand Number 02.30
Moe Honan - + 353 86 833291 - Producer/Head of Animation
Ralph Christians - + 353 87 2365666 - Executive Producer

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