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IADT National Film School Showcase
07 Jun 2005 :

Students from the National Film School at the Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art and Design Technology (IADT) are currently showcasing their work at an exhibition and gala showcase in Dublin.

3rd and 4th year students have produced a total of 29 films, documentaries and music videos for their end of year show, with over 41 students participating in the filmmaking process.

The student exhibition is currently underway at the IADT campus and will run until the 9th of June with a gala showcase planned for Wednesday (8th of June) evening at The Sugar Club (invite only).


Darker Side
Dir- Amy Breen.
Synopsis- Gayle is haunted by vivid memories of an incident she is trying to forget.

Dir- Anne O Donovan
Synopsis- Celia and George are blissfully awaiting the birth of their first child……….

Dir- Aoife Moriarty.
Synopsis- A young woman tries to while away a sleepless night by immersing herself in a series of mundane tasks.

Panda Rap.
Dir- Barra O Casside.
Synopsis-The film is an expose of corrupt animal welfare organizations, governments and corporations, who kill and abuse animals for profit.

Like a Brother, Like a Son.
Dir- Billy Keane
Synopsis- Is there anything a Father wouldn’t do for his son?

Come What May.
Dir- Brid McCarthy.
Synopsis- Where would you be without a brandy and a cigarette!

Dir- Brian O Toole.
Synopsis- A young woman counts down what may be the final ten seconds of her life.

Babs and Tish (in the Circle of Torment)
Dir- Christine Ayoub
Synopsis- Babs and Tish are two well meaning stoners who don’t realize that their lives are going round in circles.

Brothers Day.
Dir- Colin Campbell
Synopsis- When his father leaves Black out of his will; he sets out to take what’s his.

Nicotine Lovers
Dir- Colm Denham.
Synopsis- Boy meets girl with thanks to the smoking ban.

Dir- Conor McIntyre
Synopsis- A dangerous killer is stalking the inhabitants of Dublin. When Sarah goes shopping she notices a strange man who is seemingly tailing her.

Dir- Damien Looney
Synopsis- The orderly is a sadist who inflicts pain and mental torture on the patients of an asylum.

All broken up
Dir- Deanna Ortiz
Synopsis- All Broken up examines the experiences of 3 separated people with children who have made a new life for themselves.

Me Out to Play
Dir- Fiona Conlon McKenna
Synopsis- A brother and sister are flung from the safety of home and normal life to a weird world where children play and their wishes seem to come true.

Innocent when you Dream
Dir- Ian Lawton.
Synopsis- A little girl embarks on a fantastical adventure; after all it is time for her bedtime story…

A Short Film about some ol’ lad’s comforts, fears, doubts, dreams and…other Malarkey.
Dir- Jade Travers
Synopsis- A simple abstract tale about the internal workings of some “ol’lad”.

Dir- Jane Clancy
Synopsis- Capoeira is a non-contact Brazilian martial art performed to music

‘The odyssey of Sam…Juliet & the Lost Highway’
Dir- Jeremy O Hanlon
Synopsis- A road goes missing, in broad daylight - to a place of never ending night, and old people…

Forgetting to Breath
Dir- Jay Cleere
Synopsis- Blackly comic, reality based and somewhat surreal ‘Forgetting to Breathe’ is a film about a guy making a film about a guy making a film.

Dir- John O Connor
Synopsis- A young girl runs away from home in order to garner attention from her neglectful mother.

Dir- Kathryn Kennedy
Synopsis- Sarah lives in a world of reality and dreams.

Hell blast a Tonic
Dir- Paul Cahill
Synopsis- A group of post apocalyptic survivors defend themselves against the infected, who have been driven mad by the taste of human flesh.

Son of Cerberus
Dir- Philip Lewis
Synopsis- A cute puppy by day becomes a killer dog by night; seeking out its victims the killer dog causes havoc with fatal consequences.

Deep in the Jungle
Dir- Rob A Kennedy
Synopsis- An audio / visual piece exploring the development of sound and rhythm and man's place in it.

Runners dial runner.
Dir- Rob Delaney
Synopsis-A young woman, Kelly, receives an antique phone as a gift and soon starts to receive strange phone calls.

Dir- Rob G Kennedy
Synopsis- Terry Cunningham is blackmailed into murdering a woman he’s been secretly seeing

The Quick Man
Dir- Rob O Reilly
Synopsis- One by one the Bronze Age cultures have fallen or been assimilated. Now only one island, at the edge of the known world, remains.

Hobblecraft and the Hideous Heart
Dir- Rupert Morris
Synopsis- Clive D. Hobblecarft has excellifragged one too many computers.

The Underground baby Club
Dir- Stephen Lynch
Synopsis-Ray hears about a secret group called the Underground Baby Club, and discovers it may be the escape he was looking for…


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