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The Book that Wrote Itself
YEAR: 1998
DIRECTOR: Liam O'Mochain    
WRITER: Liam O'Mochain      
PRODUCTION COMPANY: Siar A Rachas Muid Productions   
CAST: Liam O'Mochain    Antoinette Guiney    Marco Van Belle    Kristen Marken    Carol Meyers    Eddie Naessens   Orlaith Rafter
LOCATION: Dublin,Wicklow,Wexford,Cork,Clare,Galway

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The story is about Vincent Macken who has written what he thinks is the best post modern novel ever. His novel 'The Daughter of Conn', is a Celtic quest saga set somewhere in Ireland 200 years ago or thereabouts where the hero must overcome obstacles to win the hand of a princess.

Vincent overhears literary agents at a bookfair ridiculing his piece of literature and vows to prove to his detractors that the story is a feasible story in any time. He hires Aisling Arrigan, a video maker, to follow him on a journey along the coast of Ireland as he lives out the novel in today's time. He wants to document his novel on video while she is more interested in a documentary about him. The struggle begins. The novel then takes on a life of its own.

Vincent finally decides after meeting some film enthusiasts along the journey that what he has created has the potential for a hit movie. He goes to the Venice film festival, blags a press pass and tries to convince Hollywood stars to come to Ireland and take part in his forthcoming movie, "The Daughter of Conn". The result is not quite what he expected.

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