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Man Made Men
Thriller 90 mins
YEAR: 2009
DIRECTOR: Alex Fegan    
WRITER: Alex Fegan      
PRODUCTION COMPANY: Fegan Films Sheridan Media   
PRODUCER: Alex Fegan    Helen Sheridan      
CAST: Kevin Cummins    Nick Cummins    Jane Downes    Tom Latchford         
LOCATION: Dublin Airport & Westin Hotel, Co. Dublin
EDITOR: Alex Fegan      
DOP: Alex Fegan      
HAIR/MAKEUP: Julie-Ann Ryan
SOUND: Helen Sheridan     
MUSIC: John Picardo

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This is the story of Benjamin Ezekiel, an arrogant young scientist who conducts an experiment which purports to unravel the mysteries of life. Controversy unfolds as word of his project spreads. Three Rabbis arrive in Dublin, Ireland to stop his experiment. They believe that it will cause the end of the world. They soon realize, however, that Benjamin is being protected by powerful forces that want to see the experiment completed; an experiment which just might hold the answers to life's biggest questions.

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