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Situations Vacant
Comedy 97 minutes
YEAR: 2008
DIRECTOR: Lisa Mulcahy    
WRITER: Steven Murray      
PRODUCTION COMPANY: Grand Pictures Park Films   
PRODUCER: AnneMarie Naughton         
CAST: Diarmuid Noyes    Sam Corry    Shaun Dunne    Mary Murray    Julie O'Halloran    Maria McDermott Roe   Lorna Dempsey
EDITOR: Paul Mullen      
DOP: Nķria Roldos      
HAIR/MAKEUP: Isabel Perez
SOUND: Jon Beer   Paddy Hanlon    Garret Farrell
MUSIC: Tim O'Donovan

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Dave is unleashed on Dublinís employment market with his effervescent imagination, his fatherís memory and the high hopes of his mother (played by Maria McDermott Roe). His best friend, Vinny Burke (Shaun Dunne) also jobless and loveless, receive some unorthodox advice from Whack (Brendan Conroy), the barstool sage, and from their friend Tom Farrell (Sam Corry), who seems to have it all, except they havenít noticed that having it all is making Tom miserable.

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