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Moll Flanders
Feature 123
YEAR: 1996
DIRECTOR: Pen Densham   Michael Murray   John A. Phelan
WRITER: Pen Densham (the novel by Daniel Defoe)      
PRODUCTION COMPANY: Trilogy Entertainment Group MGM    Spelling Films
PRODUCER: Tim Harbert    Pen Densham    Morgan O'Sullivan   
CAST: Robin Wright    Morgan Freeman    Stockard Channing    John Lynch    Brenda Fricker    Jim Sheridan   Geraldine James
EDITOR: James R. Symons    Neil Travis   
DOP: David Tattersall      

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Meandering tale loosely adapted from the eighteenth century novel from William Dafoe. Moll Flanders is the daughter of an unknown father and a prostitute, who was hanged for thievery. She is raised by nuns but possesses a very independent streak and constantly tries to improve her quality of life. A spell on the streets inevitably leads to prostitution where a young wealthy painter falls madly in love with her as she poses for his paintings. The romance is forbidden by his family. Molls' tale is narrated by Hibble, Molls only genuine friend as he journeys with her daughter Flora.

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