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Crossing the Line Productions
John Murray-Managing Director/Producer/Director
Barr an Uisce, Killinacarrick Road, Greystones, Co. Wicklow
+353 1 287 2910

Crossing the Line is one of Ireland's leading documentary producers making crafted films featuring powerful stories on subjects ranging from wildlife to science to history. The company won best wildlife film in the world at the 'Oscars' of the genre – the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival in 2011 and both Jackson Hole and Wildscreen Film Festivals in 2013 beating all comers from BBC to NHK. Twice nominated for an Emmy in 2012 and a Grierson Award in 2014, they are also triple winners of best documentary series at the Irish Film & TV Awards. Crossing the Line recently produced the landmark film for America's PBS on the 50th anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis and the feature version of this film received widespread acclaim on TV and at festivals worldwide. Company films have broadcast in more than 150 countries including on RTÉ, TG4, Discovery UK & Europe & HD, National Geographic International, BBC, Five (UK), ARD, Travel, PBS, WGBH, WNET, PBS, History Channel, Odyssey, Adventure One, Sky, Planete, ABC Australia, SBS Australia, ZDF, ARTE, NHK & many others.


Crossing the Line were the first Irish production company to make the move to HD and subsequently to 4K. The company is also the only one in the country in possession of the Phantom Flex high speed camera which is available to hire through their website: highspeedireland.com

Recent works

Here Was Cuba / Three Men go to War
1 x Feature Documentary for PBS, Irish Film Board, Channel 4.

On October 22nd, 1962, President John F. Kennedy informed the world that the Soviet Union was building secret missile bases on the Island of Cuba, 90 miles off the shores of Florida. The events of the next 13 days brought the world closer to nuclear disaster than it had ever been before or since. Three Men go to War is the story of the Cuban Missile Crisis, exploring how the earth teetered on the very brink of nuclear holocaust and the fate of the planet lay in the hands of three iconic characters – Nikita Khrushchev, Fidel Castro and John F Kennedy.

The Secret Life of the Shannon / On a River in Ireland
2x1 hour series. Funders BAI, RTÉ, NPWS, ESB, Waterways Ireland, The Heritage Council

Winner of Best of Festival at Jackson Hole USA and Wildscreen – the world's leading natural history film competitions. Colin Stafford-Johnson spends a year living on the Shannon, revealing the natural history and wonderful wildlife of the greatest river in these islands.

Broken Tail / Broken Tail’s Last Journey
1x Feature Length & 1 x 1 Hour HD

Multi international award winning film about the world’s leading tiger cameraman travelling through India on a personal pilgrimage, piecing together the last journey of Broken Tail – a cub made famous by films he shot for the BBC, NHK and others. Through the heartbreaking story of one charismatic tiger cub, Colin uncovers the trail of disaster that stalks the last surviving tigers on Earth. Funders: RTÉ, BBC, PBS, CBC Canada, Irish Film Board , ZDF/Arte, SWR, MEDIA.

Des Bishop: Breaking China
6 x 25 Minutes for RTÉ

Six part series following the adventures of Irish-American writer and comedian Des Bishop as he moves to China for a year in order to learn mandarin and eventually attempt to perform a one-man stand up comedy show for a Chinese audience.

Blood of the Irish
2x1Hours HD for BAI & RTÉ

The story of the Irish and where they came from. Definitive blue chip series on the genetic origins of the Irish. Winner IFTA Best Documentary Series 2010.

The Yellow Bittern – The Life & Times of Liam Clancy
1x feature documentary – theatrical & DVD release HD FOR Irish Film Board & RTÉ

An intimate and deeply personal memoir of legendary folk singer Liam Clancy revealing all sides to his remarkable life, within and without the Clancy brothers. Winner IFTA Best Documentary Series 2007 for two-part TV version, “The Legend of Liam Clancy”

Wild Journeys
3x1 Hour for BAI, RTÉ & NPWS.

Landmark Irish natural history series following the incredible journeys undertaken each year by animals migrating to and from Ireland. From butterflies to whales and barnacle geese to basking sharks, the series also follows some of the cutting edge science being used to track and understand these amazing migrations.

A Prayer for the Windhorse
1x Feature Length HD for TG4, Irish Film Board & National Geographic International.

On a breathtaking journey through the high Himalaya, this film will follow a clan of Buddhist yak herders on an odyssey that is unmatched anywhere on the planet. Starting from the nomad’s tiny village close to the Tibetan border, viewers will shadow the group through a soaring landscape, traversing the highest mountain passes in the world, until the exhausted caravaners eventually reach their destination - the lowland valleys of Southern Nepal. The film will focus on the hazards of the journey as seen through the eyes and personalities of one carefully chosen group.

The Catalpa Rescue
1 Hour Drama-Documentary HD for RTÉ, BAI, WNET/PBS (USA) and ABC Australia

Major international co-production on the extraordinary 19th century rescue of six prisoners from a remote Australian prison by an American whaling ship the Catalpa.

The Eagles Return
4x26 Min Series HD for BAI & RTÉ

Four part series following the trials of two teams bringing wild Eagles back to Ireland after an absence of over 100 years. It is the most important Irish wildlife story in decades – the return of the two largest birds of prey ever to darken Irish skies, the White Tailed & Golden Eagle. From scaling cliffs in the wilds of Norway & Scotland on the hunt for new chicks, to hiring planes to fly them home, to nursing them through the first crucial months of freedom in Ireland, this series will have powerful wildlife, strong human characters allied to genuine adventure and drama as the story of the birds survival in Ireland unfolds.

Treasure from the Dark Ages
1x1 hour investigative archaeology film for BAI, RTÉ, History Channel UK, History Canada

In July 2006, an ancient Christian manuscript was recovered from an Irish bog. After 1200 years submerged, this miracle of archaeological survival was billed by the New York Times as ‘Ireland’s Dead Sea Scrolls’. The discovery and investigation of this ancient manuscript will bring viewers on a journey into the world of early Christianity on the brink of the Dark Ages. On the outer limits of the known world, Ireland’s monks kept the fires of Christianity burning, produced some of the greatest works of art in history and texts in danger of being lost forever with the sacking of Europe’s libraries. The film will reveal how these Irish monks brought these treasuries of ancient knowledge back to Europe founding monasteries & libraries, rebuilding the foundations of Christendom and paving the way for the flowering of the Renaissance.


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