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 » Writers / Script Department

Featured Profiles
Antony Sellers  |  Writer / Director
Status: Currently based in Dublin, working on several feature film projects, also writing and lecturing
Tel/Mobile: 01 2801309 (Mobile: 087 2570794)
Email: Send Message
Brian Lally  |  Screenwriter
Status: Currently based in Dublin, available for work in the areas of directing, editing (Final Cut Pro) and producing all forms of commercial video production.
Tel/Mobile: +353-87-2242016
Email: Send Message
Web: www.instigatorfilms.com
Caroline Farrell  |  Writer
Status: Based in Dublin.
Email: Send Message
Web: www.ninnyhammer.net
Conor Morrissey  |  Director/Writer
Status: Available to work throughout Ireland and internationally
Tel/Mobile: +353 85 783 7227
Email: Send Message
Web: www.vimeo.com/18530783
David Keeling  |  Writer/Director
Status: Based in Dublin/Wicklow. Available for work.
Tel/Mobile: 086 395 9510
Email: Send Message
Web: www.davidkeelingfilm.com
Fiona Ashe  |  Director & Screenwriter
Status: Award-winning Film Director and Screenwriter, Fiona Ashe, specialises in Film Noir and political thrillers about social injustice.
Tel/Mobile: +353-(0)87-2372289
Email: Send Message
Web: www.fionaashe.com
Fíona Ní Dhuibhir  |  Writer
Status: Scriptwriter based in Galway.
Tel/Mobile: 0035391555503
Email: Send Message
Graham Cantwell  |  Writer / Director
Status: Currently based in London. Available to work in Ireland
Tel/Mobile: +44 (0)20 7636 7750 (agent)
Email: Send Message
Web: www.powertriphome.com
John Deery  |  Director / Producer / Screenwriter
Status: Currently based in London. Available for work in Ireland, the UK, the US and anywhere else that is interesting!
Tel/Mobile: +44 20 8392 1936
Email: Send Message
Web: www.joejackentertainment.com
Ken Fletcher  |  Actor
Tel/Mobile: 0868171665
Kevin Liddy  |  Writer / Director / Teacher
Status: Currently based in the USA. Available to work in Ireland after March 2012.
Tel/Mobile: 087-1239540
Email: Send Message
Web: www.kevinliddy.com
Liz Gill  |  Writer / Director
Status: Dublin, Ireland
Tel/Mobile: +44 207 727 1346
Email: Send Message
Web: www.theagency.co.uk
Moira Sweeney  |  Producer/Director
Status: Currently Producing and Directing in Ireland
Tel/Mobile: 086 607 2101
Email: Send Message
Web: www.moirasweeney.com
Niall O'Flynn  |  Writer / Director / Producer
Status: Television Producer/Director, Dublin
Email: Send Message
Nicolas Courdouan  |  Director / Writer / Editor
Status: Currently based in Dublin. Available to work anywhere in the world.
Tel/Mobile: 085 1195689
Email: Send Message
Paco Torres  |  Director
Status: Currently based in Dublin. Available to work globally.
Tel/Mobile: 086 20 87 913
Email: Send Message
Web: www.elvuelodeltrenfilm.blogspot.com/
Paul Fitzsimons  |  Script Editor
Status: I am currently working with a number of screenwriters, critiquing and proofreading their scripts and treatments.
Tel/Mobile: 01 6580622 | 0861726402
Email: Send Message
Web: edit.paulfitzsimons.com
Rik Boeykens  |  Production Assistant / Script Supervisor
Status: Based in Belfast. Available to work in Northern Ireland
Tel/Mobile: +44 77 19 100 493
Email: Send Message
Róisín O’Hara  |  Presenter/Producer/Director/Researcher/Assistant Director/Assistant Producer - TV
Status: Based in Dublin. Currently working on weekly TG4 show. Have ideas, will travel!
Tel/Mobile: +353 87 6955052
Email: Send Message
Seán Branigan  |  Writer / Director
Status: Writer / Director - Working between London and Dublin
Tel/Mobile: IRE +353872075076 UK +447549950182
Email: Send Message
Stephen St. Leger  |  Writer / Director
Tel/Mobile: 310-859-4000 | 310-859-4131
Email: Send Message
Web: www.stephenstleger.com
Terry McMahon  |  Writer / Director
Status: Currently based in Dublin. Available to work wherever.
Tel/Mobile: +353 877 660 039
Email: Send Message
Web: www.terrymcmahon.org
Tyrone D Murphy  |  Award winning film-maker, Director, Writer, Producer and film festival expert.Speaker on Film Festivals. Film Festival Executive Director.
Status: Freelance
Tel/Mobile: +44 (0) 7779977769
Email: Send Message
Web: www.director.me.uk

Full A-Z
-  Adrienne Michel-Long  Writer / Director Send Message
-  Aine Maire Ni Thaibhis  Script Supervisor Send Message
-  Aine Rynne  Screenwriter Send Message
-  Ann Mooney  Freelance Script Supervisor/Continuity Send Message
-  Antony Sellers  Writer / Director Send Message
-  Barry Dignam  Director / Writer / Producer Send Message
-  Barry Murphy  Writer / Director Send Message
-  Brian Lally  Screenwriter Send Message
-  Bríd Conneely  Screenwriter Send Message
-  Caroline Farrell  Writer Send Message
-  Charlie McCarthy  Director / Writer Send Message
-  Christian O'Reilly  Screenwriter Send Message
-  Conor Morrissey  Director/Writer Send Message
-  Damien O' Connor  Writer / Director Send Message
-  David Keeling  Writer/Director Send Message
-  Fiona Ashe  Director & Screenwriter Send Message
-  Fíona Ní Dhuibhir  Writer Send Message
-  Frances Kay  Writer Send Message
-  Graham Cantwell  Writer / Director Send Message
-  Greg Ó Braonáin  Screenwriter Send Message
-  Hugh Farley  Writer / Director Send Message
-  Ivan Mc Mahon  Screenwriter / 1st AD Send Message
-  Jason Figgis  Director / Writer / DOP Send Message
-  Joel Conroy  Writer / Director Send Message
-  John Deery  Director / Producer / Screenwriter Send Message
-  Jonathan Figgis  Producer / Writer Send Message
-  Ken Fletcher  Actor
-  Kevin Liddy  Writer / Director / Teacher Send Message
-  Liam O Mochain  Writer / Director / Producer Send Message
-  Liz Gill  Writer / Director Send Message
-  Louise Ní Fhiannachta  Writer Send Message
-  Maria Manton  Actress / Writer / Director Send Message
-  Maria Ní Mhurchú  Writer Send Message
-  Mark Mahon  Writer / Producer / Director Send Message
-  Mary Redmond  Script Supervisor Send Message
-  Michael Beattie  Producer / Director / Writer Send Message
-  Moira Sweeney  Producer/Director Send Message
-  Niall O'Flynn  Writer / Director / Producer Send Message
-  Nick Adams  Writer Send Message
-  Nicky Cahill  Writer / Director Send Message
-  Nicolas Courdouan  Director / Writer / Editor Send Message
-  Paco Torres  Director Send Message
-  Patrick Kenny  Writer / Director Send Message
-  Paul Fitzsimons  Script Editor Send Message
-  Paul Walker  Writer Send Message
-  Rik Boeykens  Production Assistant / Script Supervisor Send Message
-  Róisín O’Hara  Presenter/Producer/Director/Researcher/Assistant Director/Assistant Producer - TV Send Message
-  Sabine Wuehrer-Benmaach  Script Supervisor Send Message
-  Sample Crew Listing  Example - Script Supervisor Send Message
-  Sarah Daly  Script Reader / Consultant Send Message
-  Seán Branigan  Writer / Director Send Message
-  Shimmy Marcus  Writer / Director Send Message
-  Stephen Crilly  Writer / Director Send Message
-  Stephen St. Leger  Writer / Director Send Message
-  Suzanne Arnold  Writer / Traditional Animator Send Message
-  Terry McMahon  Writer / Director Send Message
-  Tyrone D Murphy  Award winning film-maker, Director, Writer, Producer and film festival expert.Speaker on Film Festivals. Film Festival Executive Director. Send Message

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